History of Persian Food

Iranians refined the taste & flavour of food and how it is presented. Although it still retains roots in its ancient resources.

Iranians cook based on what is in season to ensure the food is fresh and at its best quality possible.

Fragrances during cooking, and at the table plays an important role in the Iranian culture, as does the presentation of the food.

The ancient philosophy of hot and cold foods is linked to ancient Zoroastrian religion of the Achaemenian & Sassanian. This philosophy once shared with other civilizations including China, India and Medieval West.

From region to region, the classifications may vary. In general poultry, wheat, sugar, various fresh and dried fruits & vegetables are considered to be hot. Whilst beef, fish, rice, dairy products and various fresh fruits & vegetables are considered to be cold.

Based on your preference and season you will generally choose to eat hot or cold foods to suit.

To this day this philosophy is taken in to consideration when food is being prepared.

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